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Precision Medicine Giving Hope

Biohope is a company dedicated to the development of precision medicine IVD tools and unique patient knowledge for chronic inflammatory conditions.

Founded in 2015 in Madrid, we employ 20 professionals

Focused in Personalized Medicine

Experts in using living cells in natural environment.

Biohope’s lead product, Immunobiogram®, is a novel, unique and patented in vitro diagnostic platform which allows the physicians to optimize immunossuppressive therapy for each individual.

The Immunobiogram in Renal Transplant is the first product from our technological platform.

Clinically validated in international clinical studies

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Patented in the EU, US and other countries.

CE marked and under ISO 13485 standards.

We are adapting our technology to other immune-based conditions.

Last News

The Spanish National Health System will be the first to be able to offer personalized treatments for patients with a kidney trasnplantation.

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The TRANSBIO study demonstrates the usefulness of Immunobiogram® for predicting the response to different immunosuppressive treatments in transplant recipients.

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The CDTI awards Biohope one of the grants, funded by NextGenerationEU program, for companies distinguished with the European Seal of Excellence.

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We have a comprehensive quality management system accredited under ISO13485 for design and manufacture of in vitro diagnostics.

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Our product Immunobiogram is CE marked, in compliance with the European Economic Area regulation regarding in vitro diagnostics (IVD).

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We are certified under the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Products as an IVD manufacturer.

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Biohope owns a fully licensed immunology laboratory dedicated to the study analysis and diagnosis of immune related conditions

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Awards and recognitions

Sello PYME INNOVADORA 20/12/2025
Válido hasta el 20 de diciembre de 2025
escudo de MEIC 20/12/2025

Seal of innovative SME