Our Mission Focuses On Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine recognizes that each patient is unique. By using specific diagnostic tests for some diseases, doctors can predict how a patient will respond to a treatment, and also determine the best dose and the appropriate duration of a medication.

A paradigmatic example of Personalized Medicine is biomarkers, which are playing a key role in the diagnosis and treatment of different diseases. In the area of ​​oncology, the development of targeted therapies based on altered markers in the patient’s oncogenic process has revolutionized treatment and substantially improved the results obtained, as has been shown in: the selection of therapies against lung cancer based on mutations in EGFR or ALK; KRAS in colon cancer; or immunotherapy directed against markers such as PD1, PDL1 and CTLA4.

From the beginning of drug research, it became clear that, given the same treatment, the individual response was different, even at the same doses. Although personalized medicine is not a new concept, it is still only applied to few medical fields (i.e. oncology). The others, as Immunology, lack precision tools to define the best treatment and apply one fits all approaches.

Biohope was founded as an initiative to change this. Each scientific and medical advance has a direct impact on patients, and for this reason we must continue to advance in the development of new solutions. We aim to improve clinical outcomes in the field of chronic inflammatory conditions.

There is a clear medical need, and personalization entails a great opportunity for health systems and individual patients.