Antwerpen University Hospital

Published On: September 7th, 2015

Patient – Transplantation

The Department of Nephrology at the Antwerpen University Hospital comprises interdisciplinary personnel to treat renal patients to medically highest level. It counts on ±65 people: 5 nephrologists, 4 trainees, 2 consultants nephrologists, 42 nurses, 2 transplantation coordinators, 2 social assistants, 4 administrative collaborators, 2 research nurses, 1 dietician, 1 dialysis technician.

They manage ± 4.700 consultations/year (± 250 new patients/year); ± 100 hemodialysis patients; ± 30 peritoneal dialysis patients; ± 15.000 dialysis treatments per year; ± 45 transplantation/year; ± 80 patients on the waiting list for a kidney transplantation. The department is also specialized in the apheresis techniques. The nephrology department is situated at the ground floor of a new building (2014) and is equipped with the most up to date dialysis facilities. Nephrology Department is one of the most important in Belgium in Renal Transplantation Medicine and one of the most important research units in the field