We have reason to be optimistic. Biohope has been a finalist in several events worldwide for innovative startups.

First, Biohope was in South Summit (Madrid). Our project was selected as one of the top 10 health projects, selected from more than 3000 projects submitted.

Biohope was also in SME Innovators Summit (Brussels), a competitive event for H2020 champions. The European Commission selected Biohope among the beneficiaries of SME Instrument to make a presentation in “SME – Instrument Innovators Summit”.

Finally, Biohope was in the event Hello Tomorrow (París). Biohope was represented by our CEO, Isabel Portero, because our project was selected among nearly 5000 worlwide projects, one of the top 500 technology projects and top 50 health projects.

Here are some links related to the events: