BIOHOPE has successfully passed an admission process to join an Immersion Program at Boston Innovation Ecosystem at this Spring 2017 edition

Published On: March 21st, 2017

The program is supported by “Richi Social Entrepreneurs”, an initiative from the Richi Foundation (USA) whose mission is to foster and catalyze the development of international Social Entrepreneurship ecosystems with profound impact on society, by improving health care standards and quality of life.

Boston hosts a world-leading and successful model of high technology R+D at institutions like MIT or Harvard University, which makes it a unique case and a model to follow. It is one of the places in the world to boost developmental skills and ultimately help growth of early-stage tech-based companies.

RSE Boston lmmersion Program (“lmmersion”) is a 3 -week eye-opening experience in Boston. RSE lmmersion curriculum consists of lectures, visits, workshops, and one-to-one sessions. Participants will have the opportunity to explore Boston’s advanced lnnovation ecosystem, tackle key topics that affect participants’ value proposition and problem-solution fit, as well as access to meet investors, potential clients, key industry experts and service providers.

Social Entrepreneurs attending this program come from startup founders in BioTech & MedTech. Also, they include professionals working in IT, CleanTech, Education or Community services.

Richi Foundation has explained some key factors that were determinant to choose Biohope to enroll this program an encourages potential sponsors to donate part of the “fee” of the course to Richi Foundation to help promote this initiative and Biohope´s growth at the same time

“Given the professionalism, quality and social impact that BIOHOPE has demonstrated during our selection process, we recommend this project as an excellent opportunity to be sponsored”.