Biohope obtains EIBT seal for Innovative Technology Based Company

Published On: December 29th, 2015

Biohope reicives EIBT seal (Innovative Technology Based Company) recognition from the European Business and Innovation Centers (CEEIs / BICs) through its National Association of Spanish Bussines Innovation Centers (ANCES), promoted by AENOR Certification Program through which the SMEs obtain stamps of Innovative young companies in a competitiveness process.

The objective of this recongnition includes advanteges and benefits through the development of an intermediate support structure in each Autonomous Community, to accompany the discovery process, preparation of the business plan, fundraising and launch of a number of business initiatives based on scientific and technological results.

The services offered by the program in terms of creating EIBTs are aimed at entrepreneurs with a business idea with high technological potential: analysis and opportunities (studies of the state of the art technical expert advice, analysis of industrial property and analysis market), business plan development and support in the search for funding.