Biohope Partners with Palex Medical to Commercialize the Product Immunobiogram®- Renal Transplant in Spain.

Published On: April 28th, 2021

Madrid, March 2021 – Biohope, a Spanish biotechnological company that investigates, develops and commercializes unique medical solutions in the field of chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases, has signed with Palex Medical an exclusive market agreement for Spain.

Biohope is dedicated to the development of precision medicine in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) tools for chronic inflammatory conditions, to improve clinical outcomes by allowing the personalization and optimization of current and future treatments. Driven by innovation, Immunobiogram® is a novel, unique and patented technology platform which provides physicians with important information to optimize the use of specific drugs and dosages of immunosuppressive therapies for individual patients.

Immunobiogram®-Renal Transplant   is expected to improve clinical outcomes for more than  1 million people living with a transplanted kidney in the world. Around 50 % of transplanted kidneys are rejected / lost within the first 10 years, with major patient suffering, and generating huge costs to the healthcare systems, and 60 % of poor outcomes are related to resistance to the drugs that are prescribed. Adverse events from too much immunosuppressant medication are also common (and to be avoided), and they may include opportunistic infections and cancer.

Immunobiogram®-Renal Transplant has proven to be useful in a multi-national clinical study performed in Europe and in the US, as a correlation between the test and clinical outcomes was observed.

Also, a pharmacoeconomic study based in a Monte-Carlo theoretical model has suggested that a future routine use of IMBG-Renal Transplant, in which a potential reduce of graft failure and adverse events could be achieved, would offer considerable savings for the payers.

It is expected the Immunobiogram®-Renal Transplant to be available in several European and American countries during 2022-2023.  In Spain, it will be commercially available in 2022, and during 2021 a national study will be done with leading transplant Spanish hospitals.

On the research front, the Immunobiogram® technology will further be developed for use in other organ transplants and autoimmune diseases.

Palex Medical is one of the key players and a well-known partner in the Nephrology units of public and private hospitals. For more than 65 years Palex has been providing global solutions to health-professionals through an experienced and highly specialized team across all its business units.

“Palex and Biohope share a common goal: to provide healthcare professionals with the best and most innovative products and solutions. Today we can transform the management of chronic inflammation into precision medicine, giving hope to patients with a kidney transplant and autoimmune diseases. We look forward to working with Biohope in advancing healthcare.” stated Xavier Carbonell, CEO of Palex Medical.

“We are pleased to be working with Palex to support our mission to provide innovative, first in class, practical solutions that significantly improve clinical outcomes of autoimmune-related conditions. As a result, patients, physicians and health care systems will all benefit,” said Isabel Portero, Founder and CEO of Biohope. “Palex is comprised of highly experienced professionals in the life science industry with a unique commercial expertise, which will serve our business objectives well.”

About Biohope

Biohope, based in Madrid, Spain, is a commercial stage R&D company dedicated to the development of precision medicine IVD tools for chronic inflammatory or autoimmune conditions. Founded in 2015, Biohope is fully operational performing key business functions. The company has successfully created the Immunobiogram technology which is the platform for product development with IMBG-Renal Transplant being the first product offered to the market. Biohope is developing a rich pipeline that targets other organ transplants or autoimmune chronic diseases. Biohope has won several Entrepreneurship Awards by the Spanish Authorities and received multiple international recognitions.

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About Palex Medical

Palex Medical is the leading provider of advanced solutions for healthcare professionals in the hospital, laboratory and research areas. Founded in 1955, with a clear focus on innovation, it is leader in the supply of equipment for the hospital sector in Spain and Portugal.

Headquartered in Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona) it has a workforce of more than 600 people distributed in both countries.

Palex provides healthcare professionals with the most cutting-edge and innovative tools on the market so that they can perform at their best and provide patients with the best diagnosis and treatment.

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