Biohop is a start-up biomedical company focused in the research and development of novel solutions, to personalize and optimize the clinical management of chronic inflammation in patients under treatment with immunosuppressive and/or immunomodulatory therapies


  • To facilitate medical doctors to personalize and optimize the medical treatment in their patients with organ transplantation and rheumatoid arthritis
  • To market IMMUNOBIOGRAM as a simple & highly scalable technology easy to use.
  • Start worldwide sales from 2Q2020.
  • Create a highly motivating and creative company environment.


  • MISSION: To develop innovative, honest, simple, and viable science to help improve human lives.
  • VISION: Biohope strives to be a leader in the generation of scientifically and socioeconomically sustainable innovative solutions in the field of immunologically based diseases.
  • VALUES: Creative innovation. Quality work. Commitment to the project and to society. Scientific, economic, and social transparency. Free expression of talent.