Biohope Ltd. is an SME dedicated to the development of diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for the immunological clinical management of kidney transplanted patients, with potential application to other immune-based diseases. Biohope was created as a result of research preformed by the founder and her team, and is currently developing a novel platform based on a multiparametric approach for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes to better manage organ rejection.

Following the pioneering clinical and scientific approach to rejection and tolerance of kidney transplantation, Biohope takes advantage of agreements that ensure proper access to the resources and expertise of key partners for clinical transplantation aspects, clinical samples and potential studies. These collaborators have a close geographical, scientific and clinical relationship with common targets in human health.

Core goals

  • Develop IMMUNOBIOGRAM as a tool to personalize and optimize medical treatment in organ rejection
  • Develop IMMUNOSTAT as a software useful for the diagnosis of rejection or tolerance to the transplanted organ, which will allow treatment adjustment.
  • Fast to the clinic, simple & highly scalable technology easy to use at the point of care.
  • Create a highly motivating and creative company environment. Also, company culture avoiding some negative aspects of Biotech sector idiosyncrasy.


Biohope key objectives move around an optimization in the clinical diagnosis of immunological patients profile in order to optimize management and treatment of kidney transplanted patients in the context of different potential rejection subtypes and determination of clinical immunological tolerance to allograft. Biohope aims to generate diagnostic kit and software tools to meet this clinical necessity. The same technology will be applied to potential personalized therapy in the transplant immunotherapy and other chronic inflammation conditions. These initial priority activities of Biohope will be the basis for further analysis and establishment of therapeutic options in kidney transplanted patient. Biohope will work to assure international development partners or license agreements for its programs once sufficient proof of concept is obtained.