We are constantly looking for opportunities to innovate and bring new solutions to the medical scene

We can revolutionize drug management in inflammatory diseases and cancer by personalized tailoring of immunomodulatory medication.

We already own a patented technology platform of immune cell lab tests and software which is both unique and advantageous because:

  • Simpler and cheaper than flow cytometry or similar technologies to analyze cells
  • For the first time, allows the evaluation of the potential efficacy of each immunosuppressant drugs and combos for the individual patient, all in the same testing

  • “Finalist test”: immunology includes complex loops and cascades with many intermediate steps, we look at the final mainstream output in the full cell response, to avoid getting lost with middle molecules and partial information

“Biohope has delivered exceptional results with significant immediate or potential impact. The Beneficiary is a perfect example of a SME Instrument successful company, where hard work combined with brilliant ideas, courage and EU financing result in very promising and interesting primary results.”

(2018 European Commission Report)

Advisory board

Biohope’s governance system is inspired by and based upon a commitment to ethical principles, transparency and leadership. For improving strategic decision making, beyond operational management, there is an Advisory Board chaired by Isabel Portero, our CEO, that includes other directors and investors in Biohope with senior experience in business management and consulting.

Some of our board members:

Isabel Portero

Stefan Oschmann

Carlos Espinosa de los Monteros y Bernaldo de Quirós

José Félix Gálvez

Alejandro Macarrón Larumbe

Tomás García Madrid

Carolina García Rizo

Ricardo Brage

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