INMUNOBIOGRAM® (IMBG) is an In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) immunoassay that combines a biotechnological KIT and a software for data interpretation and report elaboration.

IMBG provides information that will help physicians to personalize the immunosuppressive therapy in patients with inflammatory diseases, and help them to take informed decisions to select the most adequate immunosuppressive drugs (IS) for each patient to improve clinical outcomes.

IMBG offers a personalized comparative evaluation of the patient´s sensitivity/resistance profile to a panel of the most commonly used IS in clinical practice, allowing physicians to predict and monitor the patients‘ response to a specific IS.

The immunoassay is performed with a 10 ml peripheral blood sample, and allows to measure the response of immunologically stimulated PBMCs to a panel of  IS used for the treatment of an inflammatory disease in clinical practice. PBMCs are included in a hydrogel that is distributed into several channels in a plate, and IS delivery devices are placed in the edge of those channels. The hydrogel is capable of generate a spontaneous IS concentration-gradient due to a passive-diffusion process. An indicator of cell-proliferation/viability reveals the capacity of IS-gradient to inhibit the patient´s immune activation cells state.

INMUNOBIOGRAM® has been designed to test the patient´s profile of sensitivity/resistance to each immunosuppressant as a tool that, taken together with other important variables, can help physicians to make more precise therapeutic decisions.