The whole IMBG procedure takes 3-4 days, plus the time needed for the physiological stimulation of LT cells, which depends on the immunological state of each patient (4-5 days time frame).


Cell incubator (37ºC, 5% CO2), biosafety cabinet for cell culture and blood processing, microscope, centrifuge, small bath, and a fluorimeter. In addition, all small devices and  components for cell manipulation.


To process de IMBG NO specific instrument is needed. Any standard clinical lab can run the test, provided they follow the “instructions” included in our CE Mark and ISO 13485 Quality Certification.


In order to keep sterility and workers’ safety during the IMBG process, it is necessary to work within a biological safety cabinet, to sterilize all the materials, to filter all the reagents and to ensure a proper hygiene and training of lab technicians. In case of a cultured PBMCs’ contamination, the sample should be discarded to avoid a potential influence on the IMBG-test’s results.


A biosafety cabin is absolutely required. Not only to prevent sample contamination from the operator, but also for the operator safety considering that blood samples are potentially hazardous.


The Laboratory Technician, should have a basic/mid-level knowledge or experience in a laboratory setting and in cell culture management. Under Biohope supervision, only one month is needed to train a lab technician to run the test.