The IMMUNOBIOGRAM® has been clinically tested in renal transplantation maintenance period (after >1 year post RT). The reason is that currently the major challenge for clinicians is to improve the graft survival after one year, reducing the risk of chronic allograft injury due to rejection, and avoiding at the same time the immunosuppressive adverse effects like infections and malignancies. Graft survival during first year has reached very good results (reaching 93% for deceased, and 97% for living-donor kidney transplant recipients in 2014, USA register report).

That´s why the IMs tested in the IMMUNOBIOGRAM® are Tacrolimus, Cyclosporin, Mycophenolate, Sirolimus, Everolimus, Azathioprine and Methylprednisolone, which are the ones used for renal maintenance therapy in clinical practice.

It is planned to test the IMMUNOBIOGRAM® for its use in patients just before transplantation in the near future. The inclusion of IL-2 inhibitor products will be approached in this phase of the IMMUNOBIOGRAM® development.