Biohope presents results of novel IVD solution in Rheumatoid Arthritis at EULAR Congress 2023

Biohope has presented a poster with clinical study results of the novel ROS and Monocytes tests to measure in vitro the methotrexate response in early rheumatoid arthritis patients at the European Congress of Rheumatology 2023 (EULAR), which took place in Milan on 31st May to 3rd June: “Precision Medicine in Rheumatoid Arthritis. Evaluation of two novel tests to predict clinical response to methotrexate in patients with early rheumatoid arthritis.” The main goal of the clinical study was to measure in vitro the sensitivity to methotrexate in patients with new-onset rheumatoid arthritis and the association of methotrexate response with clinical remission at 6 months. 33 patients from 4 Spanish sites were included in this longitudinal, proof of concept study. The study has shown that pharmacological response to methotrexate can be measured in vitro in naïve patients with new-onset rheumatoid arthritis by the quantification of total monocytes and ROS production from PBMCs. Low monocyte percentages and high levels of ROS production are associated with patients’ clinical remission at 6 months. Future studies are planned to validate these results.

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New Hire: Sara Pascual joins Biohope as Access & Medical Affairs Director

We are thrilled to share that Sara Pascual just joined Biohope team as our Access & Medical Affairs Director. In this new role, Sara will lead the medical affairs and business development strategy of the company, focusing on the European market. Sara is a pharmacist with a broad experience of more than 20 years in multinational biotechnology and health companies, such as Abbott, Abbvie, AstraZeneca, Roche, Novo Nordisk and Bayer. She has a holistic vision of the pharmaceutical industry having worked in different areas and departments, such as Clinical Research, Medical Affairs, Marketing, Sales, Communication, Corporate Social Responsibility, Governmental Affairs and Market Access in diverse therapeutic areas. Sara is also a fighter, literally, she is an expert in martial arts and she has got a black belt in karate. She shows her athletic training also with her strong sense of responsibility, adaptability and teamwork. Her mission will be to collaborate with her experience and background to make Biohope an example of a Biotechnology SME in Spain and Europe, providing precision medicine tools which will allow the health professionals to improve the quality of life of patients with chronic inflammatory conditions.

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AST’s Cutting Edge of Transplantation 2023

Biohope reperesented by our CEO, Isabel Portero, participated in the CEOT 2023. American Society of Transplantation (AST) organized a new edition of "Cutting Edge of Transplantation" (CEoT) 2023 - Embracing New Frontiers in Transplantation. The event focused on identifying the barriers that exist for patients on this complex journey to organ transplantation and more importantly focuses on providing innovative strategies and potential solutions to overcome these barriers to optimize access for all solid organ transplant candidates. We will examine each step in the process as defined above and these steps will serve as the backbone for discussion during each of the sessions during the meeting. Our sessions will also include active participation from transplant recipients both in show casing their transplantation journey as well as panel discussants so that all in the audience can learn from experts in the field as well as the patient experience moving along the transplant process. Isabel Portero had the chance to meet with the AST Board and presented Immunobiogram for Renal Transplant. CEOT 2023 was hold in Scottsdale, AZ, February 23-25.

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La sanidad española será la primera en poder ofrecer tratamientos personalizados a las personas trasplantadas de riñón

El test in-vitro Immunobiogram®, desarrollado por la biotech española Biohope, permite seleccionar la terapia más adecuada para cada paciente a partir de una muestra de sangre. Este importante avance médico se presentará en el Congreso de la Sociedad Española de Nefrología, coincidiendo con su lanzamiento mundial en el mercado español por parte de Palex. En 2021, se realizaron en España 2.950 trasplantes renales, según la Organización Nacional de Trasplantes. Se ha observado que el 50% de los pacientes trasplantados rechazan el trasplante durante los primeros diez años.   Este otoño, la sanidad española será la primera a nivel mundial en tener a su disposición una nueva herramienta que ayudará a personalizar la terapia de los pacientes de trasplante de riñón: el test in vitro Immunobiogram®. Este test, desarrollado por la biotech española Biohope, es capaz de determinar de manera individualizada la respuesta de cada paciente trasplantado a la medicación inmunosupresora; lo cual podría mejorar los resultados del trasplante de riñón a largo plazo. El test de Biohope es el primero a nivel mundial capaz de encontrar marcadores que permitan la personalización del tratamiento de los pacientes trasplantados y supone un importante avance en la medicina de precisión. “Actualmente, los inmunosupresores se aplican basándose en unas [...]

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52º Congreso de la Sociedad Española de Nefrología

Oral communication C Jimenez, D Valencia , Mo Lopez, Me Gonzalez, Ma Moreno, A De Santos, A Ortega, T Diez, I Portero, A Sánchez-fructuoso. “Caracterización de los parámetros del Immunobiogram, un nuevo método para la medida in vitro del perfil de sensibilidad farmacodinámico a inmunosupresores individuales, en una población representativa de pacientes con trasplante renal y asociación con resultados clínicos”

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The TRANSBIO study demonstrates the usefulness of Immunobiogram® for predicting the response to different immunosuppressive treatments in transplant recipients

The results have been published in the high-impact journal Transplant immunology. TRANSBIO, a multicenter, international clinical study, has demonstrated the correlation of the in-vitro measurement of the patient's pharmacodynamic response to immunosuppressive drugs, using the Immunobiogram® diagnostic method, with subsequent clinical outcomes. The results of this study have made it possible to obtain a dose-response curve for the patient and the immunosuppressant tested, confirming the association between drug sensitivity and the probability of rejection after renal transplantation. Therefore, Immunobiogram® is presented as a very useful tool for the optimization of immunosuppressive therapies in patients who have received a kidney transplant.

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The CDTI awards Biohope one of the grants, funded by NextGenerationEU program, for companies distinguished with the European Seal of Excellence.

Biohope has been awarded one of the grants from the Center for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), aimed at Spanish companies that have obtained the Seal of Excellence in the first call of the European Innovation Council Accelerator of the Horizon Europe program. This grant is part of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, sponsored by the European Union (NextGenerationEU), and will provide invaluable support to carry out the company's next milestones.

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Entrevista en Capital Radio: Biohope, la financiación de las Biotech y la búsqueda de fondos.

El lunes 23 de mayo de 2022, la Dra. Isabel Portero, CEO de Biohope, participó junto a Eva Martín Becerra, fundadora de Kinrel, en el programa Biotecnología Capital, de Capital Radio. Durante el programa, dirigido por Miguel Sanmartín, las invitadas hablaron de los principales avances y retos futuros de la compañía y de cómo ven la situación de la inversión en biotecnología en España. Escucha aquí la entrevista.

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