Biohope Shines at SET2024 Congress in Bilbao

Following the recent Congress of the Spanish Society of Transplantation (SET) in Bilbao, the organization has published the latest edition of SETnews. This issue summarizes the scientific sessions of the 8th SET Congress 2024, highlighting a key session on Saturday, May 11th dedicated to "Measuring Non-Adherence to Immunosuppressive Treatment and New Predictive Options." A notable presentation during this session was on the Immunobiogram (IMBG), a product developed by Biohope. Titled "Evaluation of Pharmacodynamic Response to Immunosuppressive Therapy in Transplant: IMBG, Evidence, and Applications," it was delivered by Dr. Julio Pascual, Medical Director at the University Hospital 12 de Octubre. The roundtable discussion was moderated by renowned experts in the field: Dr. Manuel Muro Amador, Head of Immunology Service at H.C.U. Virgen Arrixaca (Murcia), and Dr. Marta Crespo Barrio, Head of Renal Transplant Section at Hospital del Mar (Barcelona). The SETnews bulletin concludes with a powerful statement on the potential impact of the Immunobiogram: "The Immunobiogram could revolutionize this field by enabling the personalization of immunosuppressive treatment, with data already showing the relationship between pre-transplant sensitivity to each drug and the development of inflammation and/or rejection." You can see the complete bulletin in this link (only available in Spanish).

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Biohope Welcomes Nuria de Pedro as R&D Director

Biohope is delighted to announce the appointment of Nuria de Pedro, PhD, as the new Research and Development (R&D) Director. With 25 years of extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, she brings a wealth of expertise and leadership to our dynamic team. Nuria holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Autonoma University of Madrid. Her remarkable journey in the field of life sciences began with a significant tenure in international pharmaceutical companies, including nine years at MSD and seven years at Medina. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to advancing scientific research and innovation. With a robust background in R&D, Nuria has led teams specializing in the design, development, and implementation of novel assays, with a particular focus on automation and miniaturization processes. Notably, she has contributed to numerous scientific papers, presented at international symposiums, and holds several patents in oncology and neurodegeneration diseases. Nuria's leadership extends beyond the laboratory, as she has actively participated in national and international projects, including those focused on hepatotoxicity and cardiotoxicity. She has also served as a mentor and co-tutor for university students pursuing advanced degrees in medicine and biotechnology. In her previous role as Chief Scientific Officer and Chief Laboratory Officer [...]

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Pilar Najarro joins Biohope as Managing Director

Biohope is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our dynamic team. Dr. Pilar Najarro, a distinguished professional with a rich background in Health and Biotech, has joined us as Managing Director. Pilar's journey in the field of Biotechnology began with a Ph.D. in Cell Biology at the State University of New York, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship at the prestigious Imperial College of London. Her passion for advancing scientific research led her to contribute significantly to various renowned biotech companies and ventures, including Arrow Therapeutics, Biolty, DIGNA Biotech, Life Length, and Arquimea Medical. With a career spanning several countries and roles, Pilar has held key positions as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) in her recent roles. Her wealth of cross-functional experience encompasses Research, Development, Clinical Trials, Regulatory Science, and Business Development. Pilar has proven her ability to lead successful projects in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Spain. Known for her exceptional relationship-building skills, Pilar has established strong connections with internal and external experts in the realms of science and medicine. Her leadership and managerial acumen have been pivotal in driving successful outcomes, and her track record speaks volumes about her dedication and contribution to the field. One of [...]

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Isabel Portero presents Immunobiogram for Renal Transplant at the 3rd edition of “Future of Transplantation meeting” organized by AST in Boston

Our CEO, Isabel Portero, took stage at the 3rd edition of the "Future of Transplantation Meeting" organized by the American Society of Transplantation (AST) in Boston, where she presented the groundbreaking Immunobiogram for Renal Transplant. Dedicated to fostering collaboration among industry leaders, clinicians, academia, and regulatory bodies, the AST's Future of Transplantation Meeting this year explores the theme of "Lost in Translation: Reciprocal Collaboration to Advance Transplant Medicine." This edition strives to broaden perspectives on areas critical for progress in transplant medicine and enhanced patient experiences, emphasizing the importance of cross-functional communication and information sharing. The event serves as a dynamic platform for scientists, academics, clinicians, industry partners, and regulatory representatives to engage in interactive panel discussions, building on shared interests to advance and elevate transplant medicine. Participation in this exclusive gathering is by invitation only, reflecting the honor bestowed upon our CEO for her involvement in this prestigious event.

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Results from IMBITRA clinical study have been presented at the 53rd SEN Congress 2023

Results from IMBITRA study of Immunobiogram in renal transplant patients in maintenance phase have been presented at the 53rd SEN Congress 2023, which took place in Palma de Mallorca on November 11th - 13th. IMBITRA study described the sensitivity profile to individual immunosuppressants measured in vitro with Immunobiogram in two groups of patients: patients with a graft rejection and patients with opportunistic infections (BK virus and CMV). 74 patients from 9 Spanish sites were included, 43 with rejection and 31 with opportunistic infections. The clinical event had occurred in the last 2 years in both groups. The study has shown that Immunobiogram measures the patient's pharmacodynamic response in vitro to individual immunosuppressive drugs. Patients with rejection tended to show lower sensitivity to the IMS they were taking prior to the event, while patients with opportunistic infections presented a tendency to show higher sensitivity to the prescribed IMS.

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Biohope presents results of novel IVD solution in Rheumatoid Arthritis at EULAR Congress 2023

Biohope has presented a poster with clinical study results of the novel ROS and Monocytes tests to measure in vitro the methotrexate response in early rheumatoid arthritis patients at the European Congress of Rheumatology 2023 (EULAR), which took place in Milan on 31st May to 3rd June: “Precision Medicine in Rheumatoid Arthritis. Evaluation of two novel tests to predict clinical response to methotrexate in patients with early rheumatoid arthritis.” The main goal of the clinical study was to measure in vitro the sensitivity to methotrexate in patients with new-onset rheumatoid arthritis and the association of methotrexate response with clinical remission at 6 months. 33 patients from 4 Spanish sites were included in this longitudinal, proof of concept study. The study has shown that pharmacological response to methotrexate can be measured in vitro in naïve patients with new-onset rheumatoid arthritis by the quantification of total monocytes and ROS production from PBMCs. Low monocyte percentages and high levels of ROS production are associated with patients’ clinical remission at 6 months. Future studies are planned to validate these results.

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New Hire: Sara Pascual joins Biohope as Access & Medical Affairs Director

We are thrilled to share that Sara Pascual just joined Biohope team as our Access & Medical Affairs Director. In this new role, Sara will lead the medical affairs and business development strategy of the company, focusing on the European market. Sara is a pharmacist with a broad experience of more than 20 years in multinational biotechnology and health companies, such as Abbott, Abbvie, AstraZeneca, Roche, Novo Nordisk and Bayer. She has a holistic vision of the pharmaceutical industry having worked in different areas and departments, such as Clinical Research, Medical Affairs, Marketing, Sales, Communication, Corporate Social Responsibility, Governmental Affairs and Market Access in diverse therapeutic areas. Sara is also a fighter, literally, she is an expert in martial arts and she has got a black belt in karate. She shows her athletic training also with her strong sense of responsibility, adaptability and teamwork. Her mission will be to collaborate with her experience and background to make Biohope an example of a Biotechnology SME in Spain and Europe, providing precision medicine tools which will allow the health professionals to improve the quality of life of patients with chronic inflammatory conditions.

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AST’s Cutting Edge of Transplantation 2023

Biohope reperesented by our CEO, Isabel Portero, participated in the CEOT 2023. American Society of Transplantation (AST) organized a new edition of "Cutting Edge of Transplantation" (CEoT) 2023 - Embracing New Frontiers in Transplantation. The event focused on identifying the barriers that exist for patients on this complex journey to organ transplantation and more importantly focuses on providing innovative strategies and potential solutions to overcome these barriers to optimize access for all solid organ transplant candidates. We will examine each step in the process as defined above and these steps will serve as the backbone for discussion during each of the sessions during the meeting. Our sessions will also include active participation from transplant recipients both in show casing their transplantation journey as well as panel discussants so that all in the audience can learn from experts in the field as well as the patient experience moving along the transplant process. Isabel Portero had the chance to meet with the AST Board and presented Immunobiogram for Renal Transplant. CEOT 2023 was hold in Scottsdale, AZ, February 23-25.

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