Biohope is a R&D company dedicated to the development of precision medicine IVD tools for chronic inflammatory conditions. Biohope received funding through the European Commission’s H2020 program, and employs 16 professionals in R&D, Medical Affairs, Financial, Legal, Quality Control and BD&L.

Our lead product, IMMUNOBIOGRAM®, is a novel, patented in vitro diagnostic device which allows for optimizing immunosuppressive therapy and consequently minimizing the rate of Renal Transplant Rejection.

An initial national clinical study in kidney transplantation has demonstrated the utility of IMMUNOBIOGRAM® and a confirmatory international study is to be concluded in 2Q 2019.

In addition to its use for transplanted patients, the technology can be used for Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), for which a clinical study has been initiated in 2018.

Biohope is seeking investment/partner(s) to commercialize the IMMUNOBIOGRAM® in Renal Transplant and fully develop the IMMUNOBIOGRAM®-Rheumatoid Arthritis


  • Market: Large, growing, profitable and unsatisfied market with clear advantages over competitors.

  • Product: Breakthrough precision medicine product adding value to physicians, patients and payers.

  • Business Model: Solid business model with strong focus on core activities to achieve business and  financial.

  • Scientific Community: High level of scientific partners and Health Care Institutions.

  • Management Team: Strong professional and highly committed Team.

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Ricardo Brage

Business Development Director

Francisco Tejera

Financial Director / CFO of Biohope