On Tuesday 3th of July at TTS 2018, the promising final IMMUNOBIOGRAM® results coming from BH-Pilot clinical study will be presented in a lunch&learn  session by Dr. Julio Pascual, Head of Nephrology Department in Hospital del Mar, Barcelona, and Dr. Isabel Portero, Biohope CEO: IMMUNOBIOGRAM® a novel Precision Medicine Tool to help guidance of immunosuppression in Renal Transplantation. Results of “BH-Pilot” proof-of-concept clinical stud

“BH-Pilot” was a clinical study performed in 2017 in patients with a renal transplantation.  Final results coming from the 70 patients included demonstrate that IMMUNOBIOGRAM® provides an individualized patient response pattern to immunosuppressive medication. IMMUNOBIOGRAM® could contribute in the future to identify the sensitivity/resistance profil of each patient to immunosupressants and help physicians to take informed decisions in the clinical practice to minimise the risk of allografic trasplant rejection