microscope-275984_1280Software for the identification of patients at risk of rejection or patients who have developed tolerance to the transplanted organ, all who would benefit for treatment adjustment.

Multiparametric and integrated diagnostic system, based on several technologies able to monitor and early identify patients in the course of a chronic rejection or different allograft tolerance grade, for subsequent immunosuppressant regimen adjustment.

  • From conventional peripheral blood and urine samples.
    • Screening previous to renal biopsy decision.
    • Test for IMs regimen downscale in case of Operational Tolerance
  • In particular, it will allow to monitor in an easy and non-invasive way the evolution of the immune response profile along patient transplantation, monitoring and assisting in making early decisions in a consistent manner.
  • It is a software that will integrate a variety of information about the immune-response profile of the patient, considering proteomic, metabolomics and cytometry.