Calculator for the stratification of renal transplanted patients in terms of immunological risk.

Specifically, its goal is to identify those patients at high risk of suffering rejection phenomena which will end up on renal function decline, and also those with low immunological risk who have developed a certain degree of tolerance to the graft. These two types of patients are those who would benefit for treatment adjustment.

This risk calculator will be based on a multiparametric and integrated evaluation of well-known (and some new) immunological risk biomarkers. Biohope is combining biomarkers coming from metabolomics, proteomic and cytometry. Our unique approach is to integrate biomarkers coming from different technology platforms, rather than exploring the capabilities of a single technology (like it has been done with RNA, genomics, cytokines, etc..). The immune system is very complex and many routes can deliver a same outcome (rejection or tolerance). Probably because these different “immunological stories” end up with similar clinical outcomes, it happens that there are no clear biomarkers capable of accurately stratifying patients in high and low immunological risk patients, if a single biomarker/family is considered. Thus, we consider that a multiparameter approach combining several technologies and ending up with an integrated risk calculator is more promising. This approach is similar to the way cardiovascular risk is currently calculated.

If successful, it will allow to monitor in an easy and non-invasive way the evolution of the immune response profile along patient transplantation, monitoring and assisting in making early decisions in a consistent manner.