The TRANSBIO study demonstrates the usefulness of Immunobiogram® for predicting the response to different immunosuppressive treatments in transplant recipients

Published On: October 3rd, 2022

The results have been published in the high-impact journal Transplant immunology.

TRANSBIO, a multicenter, international clinical study, has demonstrated the correlation of the in-vitro measurement of the patient’s pharmacodynamic response to immunosuppressive drugs, using the Immunobiogram® diagnostic method, with subsequent clinical outcomes.

The results of this study have made it possible to obtain a dose-response curve for the patient and the immunosuppressant tested, confirming the association between drug sensitivity and the probability of rejection after renal transplantation.

Therefore, Immunobiogram® is presented as a very useful tool for the optimization of immunosuppressive therapies in patients who have received a kidney transplant.