University Hospital “Puerta de Hierro”

Published On: September 7th, 2015

Patient – Transplantation

Hospital Puerta de Hierro (Majadahonda) is a tertiary care University facility. The department of Nephrology performs all renal replacement therapeutically techniques, including all deceased donation types, ABO incompatible and desensitization programs, etc. The staff comprises 7 nephrologists, fellows in training, and a number of renal nurses and study coordinators. Research activities are intense and they perform randomized clinical trials from Phase I to III, basic research, translational and other clinical studies and projects.

Currently Puerta de Hierro is integrated in inter-hospitals collaboration networks at care level (Madrid-transplantation) and research and development (RED-In-REN of isc iii Coordinator log-GCDP peritoneal dialysis, Technical Committee of the Madrid REMER renal patient registry). Research aims to consolidate structured and funded projects (inclusion promotion of renal transplant donors in asystole, Type 3 Maastricht). Reference hospital of 4 external Hemodialysis centers.