Immunobiogram for Renal Transplant opens up many possibilities for derivative products

The same principles of the Immunobiogram apply to other organ transplants.

Our technology can be applied to any other transplant: liver, heart, lung, pancreas and intestine.

Almost 150,000 transplants are performed every year.

Most of them are kidney transplants. However, liver transplants account for about 25% of the worldwide transplants yearly. This makes liver transplant the most common transplant, after kidney, and the best candidate to follow in the validation of our technology in other indications.

Liver transplants have minor rejection rates as the organ is highly tolerogenic. Potentially, some patients could be maintained without immunosuppression and most of them could be prescribed only one drug.

Our technology Immunobiogram, applied to liver transplant, would be ideal to help choose the best therapy for a given patients and reduce substantially medication and adverse effects.